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[AMD] How to mine Vivo (neoscrypt) ?

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 3:55 pm
by phm87
What is Vivo ?
VIVO is an advanced, decentralized and secure digital currency, an enhanced further development of Dash, featuring the Masternode technology, near-instant & secure payments, and superior anonymous transactions. With a fast block time of only 2 minutes, transactions will usually confirm and be successfully processed very quickly. VIVO's blockchain is encrypted using the advanced NeoScrypt Proof of Work algorithm. NeoScrypt is the newer, improved version of Scrypt. NeoScrypt is ASIC resistant and ensures a fair return on investment to all looking to mine the VIVO coin.

VIVO also puts greats value on the mining being ASIC resistant by utilizing the NeoScrypt Hashing Algorithm, the new and improved version of the popular Scrypt algorithm. VIVO has a very determined development team, an active and vibrant community and an ambitious roadmap.

How to mine Vivo on a mining pool ?

1. Create a wallet address
You'll need a wallet address to receive the Vivo coins mined. It is better to download the wallet according to your Operating System. There is another crappy quick & dirty method that we don't recommend: create a wallet address on an exchange but some exchange diagree and may lost some coins.

Please refer to the Download section of the official bitcointalk thread:

2. Miner for AMD cards (neoscrypt)
You'll need a miner : for AMD cards, you can download Gateless Gate according to your Operating System:
Gateless Gate:
Only windows binaries are provided, you can download the source code and compile it if your OS is not Windows.

I also updated my AMD graphic cards drivers to "Crimson ReLive Edition 17.10.1 10/10/2017" but I didn't install the ReLive part.

Remark: some anti-virus and anti-malware may detect the miner as a virus. It is due to the fact that miners were integrated in malwares and virusses so some anti-virus detect the miner as a potentially dangerous component. We use these binaries since years: we've never encounter problems because we avoid to download any binaries and always use the offial binary release on bitcointalk or github.

3. Configure Gateless Gate config and batch files and launch it
3.1 Create a new launch file ("mine VIVO on unimining.bat" using notepad or notepad++ under windows) and paste the following command into it:
@echo off
gatelessgate.exe --gpu-platform 1 --default-config gatelessgate-Vivo.conf
3.2 Create a new conf file ("gatelessgate-Vivo.conf" using notepad or notepad++ under windows) and paste the following command into it:
"algorithm": "neoscrypt",
"intensity": "13",
"worksize": "256",
"gpu-threads": "1",
"load-balance": true,

"auto-fan": true,
"temp-cutoff": "90",
"temp-overheat": "85",
"temp-target": "75",

"pools": [
"name": "MAIN",
"user": "VErHiL14qdKp95xPe9JP6wgGRssQXzuLjH",
"pass": "c=VIVO",
"quota": "99;stratum+tcp://"
"__comment": "Please keep this entry. Otherwise, I won't be able to continue open-source development. - zawawa",
"user": "zawawa.gatelessgate",
"pass": "x",
"quota": "1;"
Please note the following parameters in the conf file:
"algorithm": "neoscrypt" : set the algorithm
"quota": "99;stratum+tcp://" : set the mining pool URL and stratum port (4233 for neoscrypt algo)
"user": "VErHiL14qdKp95xPe9JP6wgGRssQXzuLjH" : wallet address used as username. Please remove this example address and write your own address created at step 1
"pass": "c=VIVO" : optional (password) parameters. -p is used to give the password related to the username. As mining is anonymous, the password is used to pass optional arguments. c=VIVO is used to force YiiMP to mine Vivo (VIVO is the symbol defined on the pool for Vivo) : YiiMP should detect the crypto-currency mined according to the wallet address but as coins are forks of other coins (and some don't adapt address' code), it doesn't always work as expected. So we recommand to always set the coin with at least the optional parameter c (ex: c=VIVO).. stats is used to perform a benchmark of your GPU (first GPU on multi-GPU) on the 50st share. To add several parameter, seperate them by commas, e.g. -p c=VIVO,stats to set the coin as Vivo and perform benchmark (remark: stats should work with yiimp but I didn't test it with Gatelessgate).

Remark: Both files should be inside the directory of Gatelessgate.

3.3. Launch the *.bat file and check wallets' page after 5 to 10 minutes.

Re: [AMD] How to mine Vivo (neoscrypt) ?

Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 4:48 am
by DevilishBooster
I'm new-ish to mining and could use some help getting this set up. Prior to trying to mine VIVO I had friends help me set up a couple different miners and it all seemed pretty straight forward. I have followed this guide exactly, but I can't seem to get it to work. Whenever I try to run the batch file two cmd windows pop up, one disappears after flashing on screen but I can see that three lines of text appear, different colors each, and the other window stays open and just displays this:
2018-02-04_2239.png (17.08 KiB) Viewed 16655 times
When I press a key the window just closes. I have tried working it through on my own but I'm at a loss. Any information that you can give me would be helpful. The miner system specs are:
CPU: FX-8350
GPU: Sapphire R9-280 Dual-X OC Edition
Storage: 180GB Intel 530 Series SATA SSD
PSU: Rosewill 650W
I know it's not a powerful machine that will produce a lot, I'm doing this as more of an educational endeavor. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!