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[nVidia] How to mine Interzone (ITZ) ?

Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 7:27 pm
by phm87
What is Interzone ?
A new idea to build a social network based on DASH's revolutionary masternode technology.

Interzone is a fork of DASH with the rock-solid CPU/GPU mintable C11 algorithm from Quark/Chaincoin. Interzone offers fast 90-second transactions, low fees, scalable block sizes, automatic checkpointing, Darksend (we call it Perplexion) for truly anonymous transactions, masternodes (we call them NetworkNodes), and easy mining with our in-client one-click SimpleMint system.

NetworkNodes take center stage on the Interzone network, offering 25% of block rewards blocks 20,000 through block 250,000 and 50% block rewards after. Interzone aims to build on the masternode technology and integrate customizable attributes to allow node-holders to add avatars, messaging, and other customizations to their node listings. Building a community of decentralized nodes strengthens the network and we encourage node creation with a low 5000 ITZ entry point to secure a node.

Our plan is to enhance masternodes and transform the Interzone network in to a decentralized social networking engine. Encrypted messaging, customizable clients, and a community based social network. We're working to build in to our client for decentralized microblogging and groups. Eventually your NetworkNode will be your digital home on the Interzone blockchain!

How to mine Interzone on a mining pool ?
1. You'll need a wallet address to receive the Interzone coins mined. It is better to download the wallet according to your Operating System. There is another crappy quick & dirty method that we don't recommend: create a wallet address on an exchange but some exchange diagree and may lost some coins.

2. You'll need a miner : for nVidia cards, you can download ccminer according to your Operating System:
CCminer 2.2.1 :

Remark: some anti-virus and anti-malware may detect the miner as a virus. It is due to the fact that miners were integrated in malwares and virusses so some anti-virus detect the miner as a potentially dangerous component. We use these binaries since years: we've never encounter problems because we avoid to download any binaries and always use the offial binary release on bitcointalk or github.

AMD cards ?

3. Create a launch file (*.bat file on windows) and launch it
3.1 Create a new launch file ("mine ITZ on unimining.bat" using notepad or notepad++ under windows) and paste the following command into it:
ccminer-x64 -a c11 -o stratum+tcp:// -u 14e4ssEdvHDGyWt6KUSedHyQqruJcNWH8V -p c=ITZ --cpu-priority=3
Please note the following arguments to the miner ccminer (64 bits version for my OS):
-a c11 : set the algorithm
-o stratum+tcp:// : set the mining pool URL and stratum port (3573 for c11 algo)
-u 14e4ssEdvHDGyWt6KUSedHyQqruJcNWH8V : wallet address used as username. Please remove this example address and write your own address created at step 1
-p c=ITZ : optional (password) parameters. -p is used to give the password related to the username. As mining is anonymous, the password is used to pass optional arguments. c=ITZ is used to force YiiMP to mine Interzone (ITZ is the symbol defined on the pool for Interzone) : YiiMP should detect the crypto-currency mined according to the wallet address but as coins are forks of other coins (and some don't adapt address' code), it doesn't always work as expected. So we recommand to always set the coin with at least the optional parameter c (ex: c=ITZ).. stats is used to perform a benchmark of your GPU (first GPU on multi-GPU) on the 50st share. To add several parameter, seperate them by commas, e.g. -p c=ITZ,stats to set the coin as Interzone and perform benchmark
--cpu-priority=3 : parameter used to set the cpu priority.
3.2 Launch the *.bat file and check wallets' page after 5 to 10 minutes.