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[AMD & nVidia] How to mine Gravium (x16r) ?

Posted: Thu May 24, 2018 3:19 pm
by phm87
What is Gravium?

Gravium (ticker GRV) is a POW/POS crypto-currency that use x16r algo and masternodes, it is a reborn of Desire coin with a new blockchain and a swap.
Gravium is an experimental new digital currency that enables anonymous, instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Gravium uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network. Gravium Core is the name of the open source software which enables the use of this currency.

Discord Link:
Bitcointalk thread of Desire coin (DSR):
Swap Process Announcement
When will it start: 23rd May 2018
When will it end: 6th June 2018
Eligible DSR coins for swap: Coins created before the 1st May 2018
Ineligible DSR coins: All coins created on or after 1st May 2018

How to swap your DSR for GRV:
1. Download Graviumcore Wallet from …
2. Under ‘Receive’, create a receiving address
3. Go to
4. Fill out the required information

Important Information During the Swap Process

Please be patient while we sort through the swap process to transfer everyone’s DSR to GRV.

To be fair for everyone, we will launch masternode rewards from the 3rd June 2018. This ensures that the coins that are swapped early, do not have an advantage over the last coins to be swapped.

The block reward will also be reduced from 7GRV to 1GRV for this period. All blocks before the 3rd June 2018 will be 100% to miners.

From the 6th June 2018, block rewards will be increased to 7GRV. From this date, masternodes will receive 55% of block rewards and the remaining will be rewarded to miners who support the Gravium network
Source: Discord Link:

How to mine Gravium on a mining pool ?

1. Create a wallet address
You need a wallet address to receive the Gravium coins mined. It is better to download the official wallet according to your Operating System. There is another crappy quick and dirty method that we don't recommend: create a wallet address on an exchange but many exchange diagree and may lost some coins.


[nVidia] 2. Miner for nVidia cards (x16r)
Several miner application exist to mine Gravium coins (x16r algo). The miner application should be chosen according to your mining hardware (AMD or nVidia graphic cards).

For nVidia cards, we suggest you CCminer :
Alternative to ccminer :

For AMD cards, see here below.

Remark: some anti-virus and anti-malware may detect the miner as a virus. It is due to the fact that miners were integrated in malwares and virusses so some anti-virus detect the miner as a potentially dangerous component. We use these binaries since years: we've never encounter problems because we avoid to download any binaries and always use the offial binary release on bitcointalk or github.

[nVidia] 3. Configure ccminer batch file and launch it
3.1 Create a new launch file ("mine GRV on unimining.bat" using notepad or notepad++ under windows) and paste the following command into it:
ccminer-x64 -a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u donate -p c=GRV
Please note the following arguments to the miner ccminer (64 bits version for my OS):
-a x16r : set the algorithm
-o stratum+tcp:// : set the mining pool URL and stratum port
-u donate : wallet address used as username. Please remove donate and write your own address created at step 1
-p c=GRV : optional (password) parameters. -p is used to give the password related to the username. As mining is anonymous, the password is used to pass optional arguments. c=GRV is used to force YiiMP to mine Gravium coins (GRV is the symbol defined on the pool for Gravium) : YiiMP should detect the crypto-currency mined according to the wallet address but as coins are forks of other coins (and some don't adapt address' code), it doesn't always work as expected. So we recommand to always set the coin with at least the optional parameter c (ex: c=GRV).. stats is used to perform a benchmark of your GPU (first GPU on multi-GPU) on the 50st share. To add several parameter, seperate them by commas, e.g. -p c=GRV,stats to set the coin as Gravium and perform benchmark
--cpu-priority=3 : parameter used to set the cpu priority.
3.2 Launch the *.bat file and check wallets' page after 5 to 10 minutes.

[AMD] 2. Miner for AMD cards (x16r)
For AMD cards, you can download the sgminer fork of aceneum or the fork of brian112358 according to your Operating System:
GitHub source :
Windows releases :
sgminer -o stratum+tcp:// -u donate -p c=GRV
brianmct's fork of sgminer:
GitHub source :
Windows releases :
Getting Started wiki :

Please take care of your AMD graphic cards drivers.

3.3. Launch the *.bat file and check wallets' page after 5 to 10 minutes.